Terms and Conditions

Candles: Please can we ask you not to use real flame candles as these are a fire risk. To create a cosy ambiance we have provided battery operated candles.

Lost keys: If you lose your keys you will be responsible for paying for a replacement set. If you lock yourself out, please let us know and we will get you back in as soon as we can, but please note we both work full time so if you are locked out during the day, we may not be able to reach you until the end of the working day. If you need urgent access an emergency locksmith will be called by us and you will be responsible for paying their charges and in the rare occurrence any costs incurred as a result of a forced entry. You will also be responsible for paying the costs for three sets of replacement keys if a new lock has to be fitted.

Breakages: Accidents happen so please can we ask you to report any damages so they can be replaced for the next guest. A broken glass, plate, cup is easily replaced and you will not be asked to pay for the replacement of low cost items, but we would ask you to pay for the replacement of anything more substantial and a receipt will be provided for any costs or expenses incurred.

Insurance: We recommend you have travel insurance and/or check if your home contents insurance covers you for any theft or damage to your personal property while you are away from home. We will not be liable for any loss, theft or damage to your personal items including technical equipment during your stay at The Lodge and any damage to the property and its contents will be settled directly by you.

Noise: Please can we ask you to be mindful of noise levels between the hours of 11pm and 7.30am

Behaviour: If we encounter unsociable behaviour or are concerned potential damage is being caused to the property and/or its contents, you will be asked to leave immediately and no refund will be offered or given.

Smoking: This is a no smoking property.  You are welcome to smoke outside and ashtrays are provided. Please empty your ashtrays safely in the outside general waste bin. 

BBQ:  Please empty your BBQ coals safely into the outside coal bin provided and leave the BBQ in a clean condition.

Dogs:  Guests are responsible for their pets and should not leave them unattended in the property as this can cause distress.  Please do not allow dogs on the bed or any of the soft furnishings (a dog basket/blanket and waste bags are provided).

Number of guests: This is a one bedroom property with one kingsize bed.  The sofa should not be used as an alternative bed for additional guests.  You are welcome to invite a small number of guests to visit during the day but no additional guests are allowed to stay overnight (between the hours of 11pm and 7am) without the owners' permission.


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Current Weather
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